Government Tax Laws Fuel Unique Wealth-Building Opportunity!

1. The Hottest Ground Floor Opportunity!

No ground floor opportunity could be hotter than this one! The IRS will pay you back significantly more than the amount you're out of pocket! Then, your contracts guarantee you’ll receive 5 years of residual income payments representing pure profits before you’ll ever start remitting low annual $65 installments per system, and if the income up to that point has fallen short of the 5 year warranty production specified in your distributor contracts, you would have the option of terminating your participation in the program and owe nothing more. If, however, the income has been consistent and strong for 5 consecutive years, you can look forward to steady annual profits, after factoring in your annual $65 per unit installments, for several decades to come!  

2. Low Risk + Guaranteed Government-Backed Return = Unique Wealth-Building Opportunity

Just consider what makes this opportunity so unique.  We're not selling another nutritional juice drink, a long distance phone service, a cosmetic or skin care product, or another household product.  There's no product inventory to purchase or sell. There's no competition from other reps, from stores, or from the internet to pressure you to discount product prices to the point of minimal profit.  Finding prospects interested in what you have to offer should not be the least bit difficult.  How many other companies are offering to American taxpayers the opportunity to participate in the expansion of breakthrough renewable energy by essentially using the same dollars they're currently paying to the IRS every month through employer payroll tax withholding or every quarter through estimated tax payments?  

And how often are you given the opportunity to use an impressive, multi-media website at minimal cost, to educate potentially thousands of others about a unique tax liberating, residual income generating opportunity with such remarkably low risk, by virtue of U.S. Government guaranteed big tax savings.  In fact, the tax savings are so significant that every member who purchases the appropriate number of solar power units in 2011 is guaranteed to receive back, within 12 months, significantly more from the IRS than what they deposited to purchase their units. Furthermore, RaPower3, the distributor of the solar units, contractually guarantees that members will receive 5 years of income payments before they'll begin to pay the low $65 installment payments each year per solar unit.  And RaPower3 is contractually required to maintain the solar units and generate specified minimum revenue with them on an ongoing basis, so members are essentially assured that their cash flow should never be negative, for decades to come!     

And for educating American taxpayers about this unprecedented opportunity, with this website serving as your vital marketing and educational resource, you'll have the opportunity to earn lucrative commissions on every solar unit purchased by every member in your 6-tier downline for the next 30+ years, not to mention website license fee revenue sharing as well!    

Besides the low risk and government and contractual guarantees, there is one more critically important reason why talking about this wealth-building opportunity is not just blowing smoke. Most are burned out by, and understandably cynical about, all the wealth-building opportunities that have turned out to be filled with empty promises and designed only to line the pockets of the owners and promoters with the hard-earned cash of unsuspecting members.  We feel your pain and we totally understand your skepticism.  

We will never promise you riches beyond your wildest imagination.  We will never promise you that everything will come easy or that vast wealth will flow automatically.  So, what is this critically important reason why talking about this wealth-building opportunity is not just another example of empty hype?  

Quite simply, the vast majority of members who purchase solar units simply will NOT drop out!  Attrition will be incredibly low. Why would anyone who's actually saving thousands on their federal taxes suddenly voluntarily return to paying all their tax dollars to the IRS instead of applying them to solar energy projects?  They wouldn't!   That's why attrition is so low.   And that's what will make all the difference in your wealth-building efforts!   Most MLM opportunities suffer from 80% attrition every 2-3 years.  That's why MLM opportunities are shunned by most. How different would the attitude toward MLM be if greater than 90% of members were typically retained in these programs for decades? 

There's another very unique feature to this opportunity.  The IRS imposes certain requirements that will actually help assure your success!    

3. The IRS Active / Passive Rule and Why It's Important to You

It's one thing to have your sponsor trying to motivate your members to put more effort into their business, it's quite another to have the IRS doing the work for you!

The IRS Active / Passive Rule does not apply to the 30% tax credits, so the $900 reduction in taxes for each alternate energy system purchased applies without the requirement to meet the IRS Active / Passive Rule. IRS Active / Passive Rule applies only to Depreciation Tax Deductions - to qualify for these: YOU must register YOUR Solar Energy Business (sole proprietorship is OK).  This is even more beneficial now that you can claim 100% of the depreciation deduction for 2011 for any units you purchase in 2011, instead of being required to spread out over 6 years the $2,550 depreciation deduction per unit.   

Great news! As you become an owner of alternate energy systems YOU automatically also become an independent contractor for RaPower3, and therefore, a business owner in a renewable energy business! You'll need to register your business and also demonstrate that you're actively engaged in attempting to generate consistent profits from your business operations. Activation of your 7 Figure Legacy membership should help you meet this requirement, and you should thereby qualify to take depreciation tax deductions under the IRS Active / Passive Rule, if you also fulfill the minimum required work hours, as specified below.  This is yet one more compelling reason to activate your 7 Figure Legacy membership now, and the low $3.95 monthly license fee for affiliate members would be more then offset with the purchase of just one solar unit per year by a member you sponsor!  If $3.95 monthly is one of the only price tags associated with helping assure you can retain the tax savings from the $2,550 deprecation tax deduction per solar unit, we believe most RaPower3 members will opt for activating at least an affiliate membership with      

BASIC IRS ACTIVE / PASSIVE RULES for Renewable Energy Business: A renewable energy business for profit with no employees, other than a spouse, which is registered in one person's name - the owner is not required to work any minimum number of hours. If the for profit business is registered as a husband and wife partnership, both are required to work a minimum of 100 hours per year each, providing they do not have any employees working over 100 hours. Any owners who work a combined 500 hours per year are permitted to have any number of employees working any number of hours.

4. EASY 5-Step Process to Qualify for Depreciation Tax Deductions

Depreciation tax deductions, when combined with the $900 tax credit, represent current year tax savings per solar unit ranging between $1,155 (10% tax rate) and $1,793 (35% tax rate). These steps are general guidelines and could possibly over-state the minimum requirements. Consult with your CPA to confirm that you meet the requirements of the IRS Active / Passive Rule before taking your depreciation tax deductions. 

1. Activate your 7 Figure Legacy or affiliate membership and order your business cards to publicly demonstrate that you're actively attempting to generate consistent business profits from your renewable energy business;

2. Register a business name with your state (sole proprietorship, limited liability company, and corporation are all acceptable);

3. Check with your city to obtain a business license, if required, and if needed, a solicitor's license, if you plan to canvass neighborhoods.

4. Obtain a business checking account in your business name. 

5. Log the time you spend in your efforts to refer or market this opportunity to others. Verify that you meet the minimum annual time commitments above, if applicable. Remember, a single named owner without employees, other than spouse, is not required to work a specified minimum number of hours.