Learn How to Legally Stop Paying Federal Taxes Until January, 2017!

  We offer federal tax-subsidized units of ownership interest in commercial solar power generation facilities, based on new, landmark breakthroughs in solar energy technology.  

We offer tax reduction programs flexible enough to satisfy the financial needs and fit the budget of EVERY American.  

Table of Contents

1. New Tax Law Changes: More Tax Benefits For Our Members

2. A Transformational Decision / Top 5 Program Highlights

3. Tax Liberation

4. RaPower3 Offers Alternate Energy Systems for Sale

5. Why High Demand IAS Technology Should Support Transformational Revenue Growth for YOU

6. THE BASICS: Big Tax Savings + Residual Income for Decades + Very Low Risk = Unparalleled Opportunity

7. High Risk-adjusted Returns

8. Why Wait Until April 15 to Begin Realizing Your Big Tax Savings?

1. New Tax Law Changes: More Tax Benefits for Our Members 


To help illustrate how lucrative the purchase of alternate energy systems is now, with the new tax law changes enacted on 12/17/10, we've prepared a simple table to show you how much money you'll receive back from the IRS, assuming AMT does not limit your depreciation deduction, for each solar unit you purchase with a deposit of $1,050, based on the applicable tax bracket you're personally eliminating.

A popular tax reduction strategy with our program is to eliminate your highest tax bracket(s). For example, if your filing status is married filing jointly and you're paying 10% tax rate on your first $16,750 of income and 15% tax rate on $27,000 of your taxable income, you may wish to eliminate $4,050 of your federal taxes (15% X $27,000 = $4,050).  If you're a high income tax payer and you're paying 25% tax rate on $34,000 of your taxable income, to eliminate your 25% tax bracket you would need to reduce your taxes by $8,500 (25% X $34,000 = $8,500).  From the table below you can see that if you eliminated your 25% tax bracket using our program, assuming you avoid AMT restrictions on your depreciation deduction, you should realize a 46.5% annual return on your money, and that's if you have to wait a full 12 months to realize your tax savings. Many will realize their tax savings in 3 to 8 months, effectively increasing your annual return well above 46.5%.  Not bad for a very low risk business opportunity!             

Applicable personal tax bracket being eliminated, with the associated tax savings, per solar unit, realized within 3-14 months of purchase, and percentage return on each $1,050 solar unit deposit: 

35% Tax Bracket  - Tax Savings: $1,793  -  Percentage Return: +70.8%
33% Tax Bracket  - Tax Savings: $1,742  -  Percentage Return: +65.9%
28% Tax Bracket  - Tax Savings: $1,614  -  Percentage Return: +53.7%
25% Tax Bracket  - Tax Savings: $1,538  -  Percentage Return: +46.5%
15% Tax Bracket  - Tax Savings: $1,283  -  Percentage Return: +22.2%
10% Tax Bracket  - Tax Savings: $1,155  -  Percentage Return: +10.0%

So, what has changed with the new tax law? Most importantly, we are no longer required to wait 6 years to realize all the lucrative tax savings resulting from our purchase of solar units. Now, if AMT does not restrict our tax savings, we can realize 100% of the tax savings for tax year 2011 for all the units we purchase in 2011!  And the AMT exemption has been increased to $74,450 for married filing jointly and to $48,450 for single filers. Another important benefit is that you can now carry back excess or unused tax benefits up to 5 years, instead of just 1 year back, and you can still carry forward excess tax benefits up to 20 years!  EVERYONE who pays at least $1,500 in federal taxes, and pays a deposit of $1,050 per solar unit, and purchases the appropriate number of solar units, should receive back from the IRS more than they paid out, typically within 6 to 12 months of their purchase. Even those who pay for their units in monthly installments of $100 each, should receive back from the IRS more than they paid out, if they eliminate their 15% or higher tax bracket. 

If this were the end of the story, it would be a pretty compelling opportunity, but when you factor in the $150 in annual residual income you should receive on each unit for 30  to 35 years, and the 8 streams of lucrative residual income you'll have the opportunity to earn by simply sharing this opportunity with others, we think you'd be hard-pressed to find a better home business opportunity in America today!


Let's look now at an example to see how lucrative the new tax changes are for purchasing solar systems from RaPower3, and also how this program can actually be used to obtain big tax refunds for the current tax year AS WELL AS the prior tax year! 

Joe's filing status is Married Filing Jointly and Joe knows what the tax brackets are. He determines that with his $65,000 in taxable income in 2010 and the same income projected for 2011, he's paying 10% tax on the first $16,750 and 15% on his remaining $48,250 of taxable income.  Joe will pay $8,913 in federal taxes in 2010, but he's looking to eliminate $7,237 (15% X $48,250 = $7,237) in taxes for 2010 and about the same amount for 2011.  Joe will be offsetting the taxable income he's paying 15% on and only paying 10% on his first $16,750 in taxable income each year (2010 and 2011). Joe decides to purchase 11 systems during 2011.  


  • 2010 Federal Taxes to be eliminated:  $7,237
  • 2011 Projected Federal Taxes to be eliminated:  $7,237
  • Joe's Applicable Tax Rate on the Tax Bracket Being Eliminated* = 15%
  • # Solar Units Purchased in 2011:  11 X $1,050 deposit = $11,550 or $1,100 per month for 12 months = $13,200.  

* Tax Bracket Being Eliminated is that portion of taxes paid on the portion of income included in each person's highest tax bracket(s).  For example, if client's filing status is Married Filing Jointly, client may wish to offset or eliminate all taxable income exceeding $16,750 (only 10% tax rate applies to the first $16,750 in taxable income, but 15% and higher rates apply to additional taxable income). Likewise, a Single filer may wish to eliminate all taxable income exceeding $8,375 (10% tax rate applies to the first $8,375 in taxable income).

THE FEDERAL TAX BRACKETS FOR 2011:  For Married Filing Jointly: 10% on the first $16,750 of taxable income; 15% on $16,750 to $68,000 taxable income; 25% on $68,000 to $137,300, 28% on $137,300 to $209,250, 33% on $209,250 to $373,650, and 35% on all taxable income exceeding $373,650. 

For Single filers: 10% on the first $8,375 of taxable income; 15% on $8,375 to $34,000, 25% on $34,000 to $82,400, 28% on $82,400 to $171,850, 33% on $171,850 to $373,650, and 35% on all taxable income exceeding $373,650. 

High income individuals may elect to eliminate only the portion of taxable income on which they are paying at least a 25% tax rate in order to optimize their return on the solar energy tax benefits, or they could choose to offset all taxable income on which they're  paying 15% or higher tax rates.  This powerful tax reduction strategy can be effectively used to offset or eliminate taxable income for which higher tax rates apply.  Each taxpayer may wish to evaluate how many solar units they can purchase without AMT restricting their use of the depreciation deductions, although the $900 per unit tax credits can be used to offset normal tax liability or AMT, and unused depreciation deductions can be carried forward up to 20 years, so AMT should never be a reason to avoid taking advantage of this lucrative opportunity at some level.

Now, let's look at the tax benefits derived from the 11 systems Joe purchases in 2011 and the three steps Joe should follow to take full advantage of these tax benefits. Play close attention to the order in which Joe completes his steps to optimize his tax savings:


  • Tax Credits = 11 X $900 = $9,900
  • Depreciation Deductions = 11 X $2,550 = $28,050
  • Tax Savings from Depreciation Deductions = .15 (tax rate for the tax bracket Joe's eliminating) X $28,050 = $4,207
  • Joe's Total Tax Savings: $9,900 + $4,207 = $14,107

Step 1:  Joe first uses the $4,207 tax savings from the $28,050 depreciation deductions (assuming they are not subject to AMT limitations) and $3,031 of the $9,900 in tax credits to reduce 2011 taxes by $7,238. Joe's willing to pay $1,675 in taxes because that only represents 10% tax, but he's now eliminated that portion of his taxes that represented the higher 15% tax bracket.  Joe will receive a $7,238 refund in March, 2012 if he files his taxes early, assuming these taxes have already been paid by him in 2011. Alternately, if Joe decides to pay for his 11 solar units in 12 monthly installments of $1,100, starting in the first quarter of 2011, he could either increase his filed exemptions with his employer or reduce his quarterly estimated taxes to cover much of his $1,100 monthly payments. This way he would not be out of pocket much money throughout 2011, while waiting for his huge two year tax refund.     


Step 2:   Since unused tax credits can be rolled back one year, Joe does a rollback of the remaining $6,869 from his $9,900 tax credits to offset $6,869 in federal taxes paid in 2010 (Joe re-files 2010 federal taxes with a 1040X) and he'll thereby receive a $6,869 refund of federal taxes paid in 2010.  Joe will  receive this $6,869 refund in March, 2012 along with his $7,238 refund from 2011 taxes, for total refunds of $14,107 in March, 2012.


Step 3:   Joe does not have any funds remaining from his $9,900 tax credit to carry forward, but if he did, he could carry forward any remaining of his tax credits to offset his tax liability from tax year 2012.  If that situation were to apply, Joe could possibly reduce his employer federal tax withholding by increasing the number of federal exemptions he claims with his employer.  If needed, Joe could carry forward unused tax benefits up to 20 years!

So, let's re-cap.  If Joe chooses the 12 monthly installments to pay the deposits on his 11 solar units, Joe will pay out $13,200 (12 monthly payments of $1,100), but he'll receive back from the IRS $14,107, for $907 of net profit from tax savings alone! And as soon as RaPower3 gets the systems generating revenue as part of an operational Solar Power Plant (expected to occur in 2011), Joe can expect to be paid $1,650 (11 X $150 = $1,650) every year for 30-35 years.  To reduce any risk associated with this program, Joe will not be required (by virtue of his contracts with RaPower3) to begin paying his annual installments of $660 (11 X $60 = $660), to payoff the remaining balance due on his 11 solar units, until 5 years after he's been receiving consistent income checks from RaPower3, and his annual income ($1,650) should consistently and measurably exceed the annual installment payments ($660) he'll be remitting over the 30 years, with an estimated $990 in net profits each year from years 6 to 35!  

It's beneficial to offset or skim off the portion of taxes that represent the highest tax rates and use this tax strategy to eliminate those taxes for the current year and prior year, and possibly up to 5 years back!   You may want to use all of your depreciation deduction for the current tax year, if not limited by AMT, and only rollback unused tax credits (we do not recommend rolling back unused depreciation deductions unless your gross income falls below the AMT exemption amount for the year in question - see below for more details on AMT).  This is because the solar energy tax credits can be used to offset tax liability or AMT (this has applied since October, 2008), so you won't have to worry about AMT restricting your ability to use the tax credits for a dollar for dollar reduction of your prior year, or even 2009, tax liability.    

To fully capitalize on the new tax law changes we recommend that you call us at 1-800-720-1798 or send us an email at David@SunPowerAssociates.com.  We'd be happy to discuss your personal situation with you, providing you understand that we are not tax professionals.  If your CPA is not fully steeped in how solar energy tax credits and depreciation deductions are handled in the current tax law, we can recommend to you our brilliant personal and business accountant, Bryan Bollander, CPA. Bryan is an expert in this field, having invested hundreds of hours researching the applicability of the tax laws to the RaPower3 program.  Using our own filed tax forms as a useful guide, we can show you how to easily complete your tax forms to take advantage of all the appropriate tax savings.  

Filing your taxes should only take an extra 15 to 20 minutes each year because of your participation in this program. And by licensing our website, registering your business, and spending the appropriate amount of time marketing and administering your business, you should be well positioned in the unlikely event of a future IRS audit.  The IRS would want to determine if you meet the Active/Passive Rule. Essentially this rule establishes whether your primary motive for buying solar units was a For Profit Business Motive (the IRS should love you) or was it primarily a tax reduction motive (the IRS could disallow some or all of your depreciation deductions). This, in a nutshell, is why becoming a 7 Figure Legacy member is so practical, not to mention the lucrative wealth-building benefits.  By becoming a 7 Figure Legacy member, you are certainly helping to demonstrate a For Profit Business Motive.

Finally, a few words about the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).  Since you can now carry back excess (unused) tax savings from tax credits and depreciation deductions up to 5 years, it's important to review the applicable AMT exemptions for 2006 through 2011. As a reminder, if your gross income exceeds the exemption amount plus mortgage interest on your primary mortgage plus your charitable contributions, you may be unable to eliminate all of your federal taxes with the RaPower3 program, but you should still be eligible to offset tax liability or AMT with your solar energy tax credits from October, 2008 through 2011, and you may be able to use some or all of your tax savings from depreciation deductions as well.  

In 2011 the AMT exemption is $74,450 for married filing jointly and $48,450 for single filers.  Let's assume that Joe's gross income is $86,000 and he pays $12,000 in annual primary mortgage interest and $2,000 in charitable contributions. Joe should be eligible to offset 100% of his federal taxes in 2011. That's because $74,450 + $12,000 + $2,000 = $88,450.   Since Joe's gross income is less than $88,450, he shouldn't need to worry about AMT limiting his depreciation deductions in 2011.  

Keep in mind that the $900 per solar unit tax credits will offset AMT as well as regular tax liability, and this rule has been in effect since October, 2008.  Therefore, since October, 2008, only the depreciation deduction can be limited by AMT.  But the example above for Joe doesn't really tell the whole AMT story because AMT simply specified the MINIMUM tax that must be paid (or that can not be offset by the depreciation deductions or many other deductions). But there's nothing that says any regular tax liability amount that's excess above the AMT can't be offset with the depreciation deductions.  So, let's look at another example with AMT.  We'll assume Jack earns gross income of $115,000 in 2011 and he pays $16,000 in primary mortgage interest and $3,000 in charitable contributions. If we take $74,450 + $16,000 + $3,000 = $93,450, we can see that Jacks' $115,000 gross income exceeds $93,450 by $21,550, so Jack's AMT is 26% of $21,550 = $5,603. But what if Jack's regular tax liability is $9,800.  What this means is Jack could purchase the number of solar units to give him as much as $4,197 in tax savings from depreciation deductions alone ($9,800 - $5,603 = $4,197) and Jack can then use his $900 tax credits per solar unit to offset much if not all of the remaining $5,603 representing his AMT.  That's because the tax savings from depreciation deductions can offset the amount that regular tax liability exceeds AMT by, and the tax credits can be used to offset the AMT.  

We know this all may be a bit complicated for you, but please review the section above multiple times until you fully understand it. Now that we know the basic rules for AMT, we should look at the AMT exemption amounts for 2006 through 2011 since you may want to carry back unused tax savings up to 5 years in the past.  What do you think about the idea of possibly paying no federal taxes from 2006 (retroactively) through 2016, and perhaps achieve continued tax savings for up to 20 years beyond 2016? And much of those tax savings are contributing to expanding landmark solar energy technology to help our nation become less dependent on foreign oil and fossil fuels, and some of the tax savings represent pure profit to YOU!  And you should receive lucrative residual income on all of your solar units for decades to come!  Are you beginning to see what makes this ground floor opportunity so amazing!  

Now, here are the AMT exemption levels for married filing jointly and single filers for each year from 2006 to 2011:    

AMT Exemption Amounts for 2006 through 2011:

2006 MFJ: $62,550 - 2006 Single: $42,500
2007 MFJ: $66,250 - 2007 Single: $44,350
2008 MFJ: $69,950 - 2008 Single: $46,200
2009 MFJ: $70,950 - 2009 Single: $46,700
2010 MFJ: $72,450 - 2010 Single: $47,450
2011 MFJ: $74,450 - 2011 Single: $48,450

Those with gross income near or below the AMT exemption amounts should be eligible, if desired, to offset most, if not all, of their federal taxes since 2006 through active participation in the Sun Power Legacy Program, by purchasing the appropriate number of solar units through RaPower3.   Even those with gross income that well exceeds these exemption amounts should be eligible to at least offset their highest tax bracket(s) since 2006, as we've illustrated in the example above with Jack.         

You may be wondering, this all sounds great, but how do I know the IRS will allow me to keep these tax benefits in the event I get audited?  We've already been there, done that. The best example is that back in 2006 when the federal tax code was more ambiguous about renewable energy tax credits, and the tax benefits were not as lucrative as they are today, one of the original purchasers of IAS-based solar units was audited by the IRS and the IRS disallowed about $60,000 in tax credits on the basis that the solar thermal facility was not functional.  But that was before they saw the video of an IAS solar tower.  In that video, a solid block of wood was placed below the solar tower to determine if heat would be effectively generated.  Within a few seconds the block of wood burst into flames.  This was enough for the IRS.  They ruled that because it was demonstrated that the units generate heat, that was good enough to qualify for the tax credits.  The IRS promptly refunded over $62,000 to that tax payer, which included over $2,000 in interest.    

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2. A Transformational Decision / Top 5 Program Highlights

video goes here
We'll show you how you can legally stop paying federal income taxes from now until January, 2017, while simultaneously earning significant residual income each year for decades, but the most exciting information you'll discover is how easily you could generate life-changing wealth by automating the systematic sharing of this information with others. In fact, you could generate lucrative income from 8 or 9 separate residual income streams with this opportunity, making this one of the most attractive and lucrative home business opportunities available today! And you don't even need to know how to sell to others or how to market over the internet.

The tools and methods we provide you are so effective, you could potentially generate more income than you ever dreamed possible working as little as 2 hours per week! And this is not only for the wealthy. This could transform the life of anyone, even U.S. citizens currently paying no federal income taxes!

Want to know more? That's precisely why you're here, reading this, and
YOUR DECISION TODAY to carefully review the exciting information contained in this website will probably be looked back on years from now as one of the most transformational decisions of your life! 

With that said, we understand and realize that you are very busy, and you might not be inclined to invest the time necessary to fully appreciate the magnitude of the opportunity you're being offered.  If you're a person who's likely to pass on this opportunity simply because you don't want to take the time to review this website in detail, then the information that follows is for you.  

We've distilled this website into the TOP 5 CATEGORIES about the SunPowerAssociates.com opportunity. Needless to say, you'll find much more detail about each of these Top 5 categories throughout the website.

1. SunPowerAssociates.com offers marketing products and services, including licensing of this website, to support RaPower3 members.  RaPower3, LLC distributes alternate energy systems for $1,050 deposit each.  Each unit represents an equity interest in commercial solar power generation facilities based on the landmark technology of International Automated Systems, Inc. (IAS).  Specifically, each unit represents solar lenses capable of generating about 1 kilowatt of power. 

An IAS-based solar power plant is currently under construction on 600 acres in southern Utah owned by IAS. Over 40 solar towers have already been completed or are close to completion.  

You are not purchasing solar units for your home.  You will not be taking any inventory, and you will not be responsible for the installation, upkeep, maintenance, or repairs of your solar units, as all of this is handled by RaPower3.

2. The U.S. federal government (IRS) offers substantial tax benefits that make it possible to receive back significantly more than $1,050 in tax savings within months of your purchase for each alternate energy system purchased, so this essentially reduces your risk to an extremely low level.  Due to the tax law changes enacted at the end of 2010, 100% of the lucrative tax savings will be realized for tax year 2011 for any units purchased and placed in service in 2011.  You no longer have to wait 6 years to receive all your tax benefits.  This is a powerful economic advantage to purchasing these units in 2011! 

To optimize tax savings, we recommend purchasing one unit for each $1,250 to $1,500 in federal tax liability each year until 2016, after consulting with your CPA.  Many owners of these solar lenses have successfully and legally avoided paying federal income taxes for the past 2 years.  If your CPA doesn't fully understand how the tax law applies to these purchases, we can recommend to you a CPA who is an expert in this area, and there are many CPA's everywhere who are knowledgeable about renewable energy tax credits.

3. RaPower3 will pay you $150 in rental income for each unit you purchase every year for 35 years, likely commencing in 2011 when the first solar power plant should be online, generating revenue.  RaPower3 also pays commissions on the $1,050 deposits as well as on the $150 rental income checks.  

These commissions are paid on 6 tiers, and many RaPower3 members are receiving consistent monthly commission checks from RaPower3 now. The exclusive NET PROFIT SIMULATOR in this website factors in all of the tax accounting and 6 tier commission formulas, and it calculates your estimated tax savings, income, and wealth projections based on your personal tax rate and your personal assumptions about how many systems you'll likely purchase each year until 2016 and how active you plan to market this opportunity to others. 

If you plan to license this website, you can be more aggressive with your inputs about how many people you think you can sponsor in your tier 1 (lower simulator table).  This is where you can potentially achieve significant wealth from RaPower3 6-tier commission income.  Licensing this website also will help you to meet the IRS Active Passive Rule because in the event of an IRS audit you would need to demonstrate that you were actively seeking to earn profit from your activities within this business venture. The For Profit Business motive is critical to meeting the IRS Active Passive Rule.   

4.  As a Legacy member, SunPowerAssociates.com pays you between 25% and 75% revenue sharing for each Legacy or affiliate member you sponsor.  

The Legacy program includes licensing of this website, with the licensee's contact information posted on every page, and all revenues generated by each replicated website are automatically coded to the licensee of that website.  

The website includes a home page program video, the exclusive net profit simulator, automated capturing of opt-in leads, and a built-in email auto-drip system to help convert website visitors into members. The website fully educates visitors about the opportunity, answers 99% of all client questions, and influences them to take action.

The website also provides proven methods for quickly and effectively filling your sales funnel. Some methods don't even require talking to other people.  Various marketing tools and systems are offered, some FREE and some available for purchase, including business cards, brochures, and business phone leads.

5.  The most important element of this entire opportunity is the landmark technology at the foundation of it and the potential for this technology to change the world as we know it, if it can be advanced into the mainstream.  Even if massive growth does not ultimately result, this opportunity remains a legal, viable, lucrative opportunity for all who participate, with incredibly low risk compared to the huge upside reward potential associated with it.  

But, if we are successful in introducing this technology to mainstream America, and eventually to the world, those participating with this opportunity may eventually find they are at the center of one of the biggest business success and wealth creation stories in history.

International Automated Systems has invented a remarkable list of new, landmark technologies over the past couple years that we think rival the greatest inventions in history:  

1) Fresnel refractive solar lenses made out of Lucite that IAS can mass produce at very low cost. Up to 1 gigawatt of energy producing lenses could potentially be manufactured in a single year by IAS using their patented molds.   

2) Computer controlled, dual axis, hydraulic solar towers, so the optimal angle to the sun can be constantly maintained, and up to 2500 solar towers can be controlled by a single remote computer terminal. 

3) Louver systems to protect the lenses and towers from damage in winds up to 90 mph. This has been independently certified by engineers. 

4) Bladeless turbine engine that's scalable - one of the most remarkable inventions of the past 100 years!  

5) Uniquely designed biomass, solar and heat energy exchangers to permit 24/7 energy production by IAS solar plants;

6) Solar heat concentrator and IAS zinc air batteries - this development alone could revolutionize the $3 trillion worldwide energy industry and eventually lead to a potentially dramatic global reduction in the use of coal, oil, and gasoline as energy resources;

7) Closed loop system that does not require the use of large water cooling tanks, so precious water resources are conserved.  This is critically valuable in desert areas of the southwest where water tables are at record lows.    

The potential implications of these breakthrough technologies to our nation, our environment, and our planet are almost beyond imagination!  

  IAS had waited for many months for this approval that's required for them to seek competitive manufacturing and contractor bids from major manufacturing and construction companies. Prior to this, everything IAS built was in the prototype stage. Now, they can begin in 2011 to proceed to the standardized, mass production phase of their operations! Opponents and detractors of IAS won't talk about this development.                                    

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3. Tax Liberation

The U.S. government has established highly lucrative tax benefits for U.S. citizens and U.S.-based businesses participating in the use and expansion of renewable energy in our nation. The most important of these is the federal business energy investment tax credit available under 26 USC Section 48. This was expanded significantly by the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 (H.R. 1424), enacted in October 2008.

This law extended the duration -
by eight years of the existing credits for solar energy, and allowed taxpayers to take the credit against the alternative minimum tax (AMT), subject to certain limitations. The credit was further expanded by The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, enacted in February, 2009.

For solar property, there is a
30% tax credit, with no maximum credit, but only 25% of the available credit can be taken on credit amounts over $25,000 each year for some of the highest income tax payers, but, as of 2011, the credits can now be applied up to 5 years in the past or up to 20 years in the future! 

For example, if you were to purchase 100 alternate energy systems, you would receive $90,000 in tax credits.  In your year of purchase, you could use $25,000 plus 25% of the remaining $65,000 (.25 X $65,000 = $16,250) or $41,250 of your $90,000 in tax credits, leaving $48,750 in deferred tax credits to be used when you need them (up to 5 years prior or up to 20 years in the future).

This credit ($900 tax credit per each alternate energy system purchased) extends until December 31, 2016 in the federal tax code, and could possibly be extended much longer if Congress decides renewable energy needs a continued, sustained boost , in the form of government tax incentives, for decades to come.

The company behind the breakthrough solar energy technologies is International Automated Systems, Inc. (IAUS: PK), that we'll abbreviate as IAS throughout the website. IAS is a public company in the development stage that has spent about $39,000,000 in research and development over the past 10 years and is now emerging from the development stage due to the landmark technology they've invented. 

With the potential for the technology behind this program to play an important role in dramatically reducing or possibly even replacing coal, oil, and gasoline as energy sources, it would not be surprising if these lucrative tax benefits are eventually extended. (Congress extended them for 8 more years in 2008, so why wouldn't they extend them again?, but for now, we have them in place for 6 more years!

You don't have to take delivery or install solar units on your home to take advantage of this tax credit. You will own a small percentage of a commercial solar power facility in the desert southwest. Our program should provide you the opportunity to substantially reduce or stop paying federal income taxes until the end of 2016, and it should also generate residual income to YOU for decades. With the purchase of at least one alternate energy system, you should qualify for tax savings, residual income, commission income, and revenue-sharing benefits discussed throughout our website! The more systems you purchase, the greater should be your tax and residual income benefits, while your commission benefits are not impacted by how many systems you personally purchase, but instead by the number of individuals or businesses you refer this unparalleled opportunity to.

While the tax savings associated with the purchase of alternate energy systems are substantial and certainly make a compelling case for participating in this program, we recommend that your decision to purchase these systems stand on its own merits, based on the residual income expectations.

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4. RaPower3 Offers Alternate Energy Systems for Sale

Alternate energy systems are being offered for sale by the exclusive distributor for IAS, RaPower3, LLC, for a deposit of $1,050 per system. RaPower3 is led by Dr. Greg Shepard (see RaPower3 Background in LEARN MORE or click here: RaPower3 Background & Greg Shepard Bio. Alternate energy system purchases qualify the owner for the 30% tax credit in the year of purchase because these systems are being integrated as part of Solar Power Generation Facilities, which are designed to generate substantial revenue from the commercial sale of electricity to public utilities, primarily located in the southwestern United States.

Construction is currently underway on a solar power generation facility in southern Utah (more than 40 solar towers have already been built on 600 acres owned by IAS and more are to be added) and at least two others are currently planned, with many more to follow. Additional facilities are also being constructed which do not require transmission line interface with public utilities because these smaller facilities will be used primarily for chemical conversion processes requiring excessively high temperatures that are only possible with this type of solar technology.  This, alone, could play a pivotal role in improving the lives of most Americans, and helping cleanse and protect our fragile environment.      

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5. High Demand IAS Technology Should Support Transformational Revenue Growth for YOU

As demand for IAS technology increases and many more solar power generation facilities are being quickly built, public awareness and interest in the network marketing opportunity backed by this amazing technology is expected to reach a fevered pitch, thus helping fuel probable rapid exponential growth in YOUR network. As the general population becomes more aware of both the technology and the network marketing company, motivating large numbers of new members to enroll should be relatively easy, so multiple tiers should build out both more rapidly and more broadly.

Trust and familiarity lead to a greater willingness to take action because the perceived risk of loss is very low. Nevertheless, those who enter early during the ground floor period when familiarity is low are more likely to achieve financial independence from exponential growth in personal network commission revenues.

Public utilities in the southwest are motivated to purchase peak power from IAS-technology based solar power generation facilities due to the many compelling advantages they offer over traditional and other renewable sources of energy, including the following benefits:

1) The Fresnel refractive lenses are made out of Lucite, a form of plastic, and a completed mold has been manufactured by IAS which is capable of inexpensively mass producing the number of lenses needed to generate 350 megawatts of electricity, enough to power about 170,000 homes. By comparison, competing renewable technologies would be required to spend about $700 to $800 million to achieve similar energy production capacity.

2) IAS owns a 89,000 lb mold manufacturing machine, which has the capability of manufacturing several molds per year. In fact, IAS plans to manufacture additional molds, as needed, and eventually may increase their production capacity as high as 1 gigawatt per year!

3) The IAS bladeless turbine engine, invented by IAS President, Neldon Johnson, is a landmark, technological masterpiece, capable of being manufactured to  many different sizes, so IAS power plants can be built to virtually ANY size on a modular scale. This power plant scalability breakthrough alone is remarkable and could revolutionize the industry!  Additionally, it has been discovered that the IAS bladeless turbine, unlike traditional turbine engines, can operate efficiently on low quality steam from such sources as brine water. This has HUGE potential ramifications!  

4) IAS solar towers operate with dual-axis, louver, computer-controlled automated tracking, so the optimal angle to the sun is constantly maintained, helping assure the highest possible efficiency ratio in generating power. This is important because current industry efficiency ratios max out at close to 22%, but IAS maybe poised to break new paradigms by pushing their efficiency ratio as high as 26% to 28%. Low maintenance and low operating overhead are key benefits as well. In fact, one person, operating from home, can control, via computer, 25,000 solar towers, representing 1 gigawatt (1000 megawatts) of energy production. Additionally, the brand new louver design, another innovation of Neldon Johnson, permits the towers and lenses to withstand 90 MPH winds. This has been certified by independent engineers and received their stamp of approval.

5) IAS alternate energy systems operate on a closed loop system, recycling a small amount of water, so expensive, water-consuming cooling towers are never needed. This conserves massive quantities of water compared to other technologies, a major advantage in the desert southwest, where water tables are at record lows and declining.

6) IAS has developed and successfully tested a Biomass Heat Exchanger system which can generate electricity 24/7 when connected to an IAS Solar Thermal Power Plant. This eliminates the perennial weakness of typical renewable energy systems: the inability to generate power on a continuous basis. By successfully integrating biomass conversion equipment into solar thermal power plants, IAS should be positioned to usually generate power continuously, with few interruptions.

7) To quote Neldon Johnson and IAS in early 2010, “IAS has made a landmark discovery, possibly developing the first solar power technology likely to replace fossil fuels. According to the International Energy Agency, $11.3 trillion dollars must be invested to bring electricity to the 1.6 billion people throughout the world who currently live without power. IAS believes it has broken the glass ceiling of solar power by reaching new and uncharted low-cost and high-profile mass production capabilities that could allow it to become a recognizable force within this multi-trillion dollar industry.”

8) By using an IAS Heat Concentrator, field testing has proven that the IAS solar towers can convert solar energy into heat that can be elevated to above 2800 degrees F, enough to perform highly valuable chemical conversion processes. This gives IAS huge advantages over the competition in developing 24/7 capabilities and alternative fuels, such as the conversion, on a massive scale, of zinc oxide into zinc. This could prove pivotal in generating zinc for zinc air batteries. For a copy of a research article written by top French researchers about the proposed use of zinc air batteries for all motorized land vehicles in the world, please go to our News & Testimonials page in our Learn More tab.

9) The official independent civil engineering approval stamp that IAS and RaPower3 waited months for was granted in late-September, 2010, so large-scale manufacturing can now commence. Permits can be obtained, hard costs have been verified, so competitive bids can be sought, insurance can be obtained, construction companies can be contracted with to build and install the systems, and the approved CAD software renderings can be sent to manufacturing plants for them to manufacture finished products and component parts in massive quantities.  Prior to the engineering approval stamp, all projects had to be one offs.  Now, manufacturing and production can kick into high gear!   This step should not be underestimated.  This catapults IAS into the big leagues, positioning the company to compete very effectively against both other renewable energy companies as well as against traditional fossil fuel-based energy companies, and with IAS's landmark technologies, is there any doubt who will emerge as a market leader!  It is anticipated that IAS will likely be positioned to reduce the cost of generating and delivering electricity by up to 50% due to the lower cost mass production and manufacturing made possible by the many amazing technological breakthroughs!   For more information, please see our technology page.  

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6. THE BASICS: Big Tax Savings + Residual Income for Decades + Very Low Risk = Unparalleled Opportunity

This program can work on any budget! You can limit your participation to the purchase of a single solar unit for a deposit of $1,050, or you can purchase from 1 to as many as 50 or more systems each year until the end of 2016. Total tax savings for each system purchased can range from $1,283 (based on marginal tax rate of 15%) to $1,793 (based on marginal tax rate of 35%).

For those seeking federal tax exemption or 100% elimination of federal tax liability, the rate that's applicable is your
effective tax rate (effective annual tax rate = total annual tax liability / total annual income).  Most of the tax savings are realized in year 1 from a $900 tax credit, which represents a dollar for dollar reduction in your tax liability. Depreciation tax deductions add significant additional tax savings, and as of 2011, 100% of the depreciation tax savings can be used to offset 2011 taxes!  This is a big benefit coming by virtue of the sweeping tax law changes enacted by Congress and President Obama on December 17, 2010.  

Net Profit Simulator calculates depreciation using the
Double Declining Balance method which is approved in the current tax code. However, as of  January 4, 2011, the net profit simulator incorporates all of the tax law changes enacted on December 17, 2010. The NPS uses 100% bonus depreciation for 2011, 50% bonus depreciation for 2012, and the normal double declining balance method of depreciation is resumed, starting in 2013.  

We provide you a basic guideline for the number of systems to consider buying in FAQ #5. To summarize, you could divide your expected annual federal tax liability by $1,250 to $1,500 for a rough guideline on the number of solar units (alternate energy systems) to consider purchasing.     

If your expected annual federal tax liability is less than $1,500, you should consider purchasing only 1 solar unit and wait until your annual federal tax liability reaches $2,000 or more before purchasing 2 units, perhaps one or two years later. If your CPA is not familiar with the federal tax code regarding renewable energy property tax credits and deductions, you may wish to consider using another CPA, as most tax professionals should be able to advise you on this increasingly popular tax reduction strategy.  If you're interested, we can recommend a CPA who's a top expert about renewable energy tax credits.  

While the information we've provided is intended to be both accurate and thorough, we are not tax professionals, and you should always seek the advice of a professional when it comes to your taxes, particularly if you are making adjustments to your employer federal income tax withholding (i.e. increasing your number of federal exemptions), or reducing federal estimated quarterly tax payments.

Because you should receive back from the IRS more money than what you paid out up front, your risk is remarkably low because the deposits are essentially being paid for with the same dollars you would have paid to the IRS in federal income taxes. You are essentially exchanging your tax dollars for alternate energy systems, which, in turn, pay you back more than you deposited, by virtue of big tax credits and deductions, and which should also pay YOU $150 per system in annual residual income for decades! The combination of lucrative tax savings, very low risk, and residual payments every year creates an opportunity that is truly unparalleled.

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7. High Risk-adjusted Returns

Taxes are a hot topic with everyone. Any sound strategy which legally helps Americans reduce or eliminate taxes is certain to be extremely popular with a high percentage of the population.

We do not believe there is a better opportunity anywhere for a higher risk-adjusted return, as you'll see in the Alternate energy system purchase illustration that follows. (Click here: Earn Residual Income For Decades With Little Effort). Stock and mutual fund investments certainly carry a high degree of risk, but long-term average annual rates of return even on these risky investments hover around 7% to 8%, and such returns are certainly not stable or consistent, while money market funds generally pay less than 2% to 3% annually.

We have seen over the past couple years that even "conservative" real estate investments have lead to huge losses for countless people, both investors and homeowners. Even the perennial inflationary hedge, precious metals (gold and silver), are not likely to post consistent, solid gains moving forward now that their prices are at or near record all-time highs, and there's no assurance of safety of your principal with precious metals either.

In fact, we challenge you to find a better vehicle for your money than this solar energy program, and when you consider that the
federal government is essentially PAYING YOU to purchase renewable energy property because they'll generally pay you back more than you deposited, is there any doubt whether this represents a sensible and logical vehicle for converting your tax dollars?

After all, would you rather put your tax dollars to work for your personal benefit and have control over how those dollars are put to use, or would you prefer to have your tax dollars fund government bureaucracy? Also, will the federal government pay YOU income of $150 every year for decades on each $1,050 of tax dollars you pay? Your careful review of the information that follows will erase any lingering doubts you may have about this being a legal, government-supported, unparalleled opportunity.

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8. Why Wait Until April 15 to Begin Realizing Your Big Tax Savings?

You may be in a position to file federal tax exempt status, decrease or STOP your federal tax withholding with your employer, or reduce or STOP your estimated quarterly federal tax payments, depending primarily on the total number of alternate energy systems you purchase each year, as well as other factors. Some members purchase one or more systems each quarter, particularly if quarterly taxes are paid.

We strongly recommend that you consult with your CPA:

1. To determine the optimal number of alternate energy systems you need to purchase to optimize your tax benefits each year, and

2. Before you initiate any changes involving your federal or state tax withholding.

To obtain a preliminary guideline on how many alternate energy systems you should consider purchasing now and each year until 2016, you can refer to FAQ #5 for details or simply take your anticipated annual federal tax liability (the total amount you expect to pay in federal taxes each year from employer withholdings or estimated quarterly tax payments plus additional amounts paid with your tax returns or minus any refunds from your tax returns) and
divide that final number by $1,500.

Now, take a short break, grab a glass of water and a healthy snack, sit back in a comfortable chair, and take a peak under our hood. You'll find that the details we provide present you a compelling case for action, action that will ultimately fulfill our promise, "Your life is about to change forever!" Additionally, our environment and our nation will greatly benefit from the rapid advancement of cleaner, more efficient, less expensive renewable energy. YOU HAVE THE POWER to help bring about favorable lasting change to bless not only the lives of you and your family, but to bless the lives of potentially thousands of others! What? You don't personally know more than about 50 to 100 people? Just wait until you learn about The Power of 2! and The Power of 3!

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April 1, 2010