New Solar Receiver with Concentrator and Movable Heat Exchanger

New concentrator and heat exchanger- This is the new heat exchanger design featuring the concentrator with the new heat exchanger and the rotation mechanism.  The top portion is the concentrator which takes the incoming rays from the lens and further concentrates the sun’s rays which also increases the temperatures that hit the heat exchanger portion. The heat exchanger rotates to control the temperature at any given point on the heat exchanger.  The rotation also eliminates hot spots on the heat exchanger reducing the chance of melting or burning the heat exchanger.  This also provides a more even temperature exchange between the heat exchanger and the heat absorbing medium inside. This heat concentrator and heat exchanger combination also reduces the infrared radiation coming off of the heat exchanger.  The solar heat concentrator has been demonstrated to elevate temperatures to 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit or higher!  With such extreme temperatures, critical chemical conversion processes can be performed, such as the conversion of zinc oxide to zinc.  The importance of this is discussed in great detail in a white paper by a team of French researchers. To read a copy of this white paper, click here:  CLICK HERE FOR WHITE PAPER        

IAS’s Bladeless Turbine

Unlike the revolutionary IAS bladeless turbine, traditional turbine performance relies upon the environment within its blade chambers.  Super-heated, high velocity steam particles are continuously striking the titanium turbine blades to turn the shaft.  If steam condenses on the blades, a sharp drop in efficiency and damage to the turbine can result. Traditional multi-stage turbines require dry, high-quality steam. IAS's new bladeless turbine is structurally unaffected by low quality steam.  It blows the energy away from its components instead of on them to turn the shaft.  It is smaller than traditional turbines, less expensive, scalable, and requires very little maintenance.  Unlike traditional turbines, IAS’s turbine can operate without corrosion or system failure on both high quality and low quality steam.


The new heat exchanger that recovers the steam from the turbine.

October 5, 2010

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