Promoting a Cleaner Environment and a Stronger Nation

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At, we are extremely proud of our affiliations with forward-thinking business partners and associates who have passion about preserving and protecting our environment, not at the expense of technological progress, but in harmony with it!

Harnessing the magnificent power of the sun to satisfy the energy needs of our homes, businesses, and motor vehicles throughout America is our vision, as is helping to END America's dependence on:

1. Foreign oil,
2. Burning of fossil fuels, and
3. Consumption of our diminishing water resources.

The Gulf oil disaster dominated our news for several months in the late spring and summer of 2010 and led to an unprecedented environmental and ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and along the shoreline of the Gulf states.  This disaster was avoidable, but not because Tony Hayward (former CEO of BP) or workers on the oil drilling platform that exploded were to blame. They may have contributed in some way, as may have the energy policies of our government. But some of the blame rests on the shoulders of the American people, due to our insatiable demand for and consumption of oil and gas products.  There is a better way.  The solar energy industry comprises only 1% of the $3 trillion worldwide energy industry. Why? Because solar energy technologies (and for that matter wind and geothermal) have never been cost and price competitive with fossil fuels.  But that has now all changed, and you can play an important role in assuring that the highly cost and price competitive technology outlined in this website can be advanced into the mainstream. That is what this opportunity is all about!  

We believe we are poised on the threshold of a major solar energy revolution that will likely transform the $3 trillion worldwide energy industry over the coming decade.  In particular, three major catalysts could usher in this anticipated economic revolution: 1) The bladeless turbine engine patented by International Automated Systems; 2) The zinc air battery (the mass production process of which has been developed by International Automated Systems, using their solar technology and solar heat concentrator which has been demonstrated to elevate temperatures to about 3,000 degrees F, and 3) The IAS patented biomass energy heat exchanger.  We have already discussed the landmark importance of the bladeless turbine engine in our technology page as well as in our closing comments in the FAQ page. The IAS biomass energy exchanger is truly exciting because solar energy can now be used to convert natural waste products such as pig manure into fuel, and these units can, in turn, convert solar power into a 24/7 continuous source of energy, rather than relying on solar energy only when the sun is shining.  For a discussion of the zinc air battery, refer to the white paper written by a French research team in our news and testimonials section under the Learn More tab or simply click here to read that white paper now: French White Paper on Zinc Air Battery.   For a quick summary about the white paper, read below.                   

A recent white paper written by a French research team makes a compelling argument on how and why we need to convert all motorized land vehicles in the world to a much more practical and viable electric propulsion vehicle solution than current Lithium Ion battery technology: Zinc Air batteries. They assert this would reduce the world's reliance on petroleum or fossil fuel based products, and thereby also reduce Co2 emissions that are generated by gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. Zinc Air Batteries not only do not produce any Co2 or other noxious emissions, but they actually would consume Co2 gases, so widespread use of these batteries would lower Co2 gas concentrations in our atmosphere. Zinc Air batteries could be much more readily mass produced than the widely used Lithium Ion batteries, and they are significantly less expensive, lighter, more efficient, safe, and they can be recharged less frequently (every 200 miles), with a recharge time (under 10 minutes) comparable to gasoline refuel times. The material used to power the batteries could be recycled and reused in a Zinc economy. Importantly, the IAS Zinc Air battery and the IAS solar energy technology that could mass-produce the zinc with the recent development of their solar thermal concentrator are both significantly superior to the Israeli solar technology discussed in this white paper.

We also have two long-range dreams: 1) that the 1.6 billion people in the world (25% of the world's population) who live without power today may have the light turned on tomorrow, and 2) that our planet may be cleansed of many of the pollutants poisoning our air, land, and waterways, and that this enlightened path may be paved by virtue of the landmark discoveries and breakthrough technological innovations of renewable energy maverick, International Automated Systems, Inc.

Americans account for 5% of the world's population but consume over 21% of the world's energy production. It is critically important that we stop relying so heavily on foreign sources of energy and that we stop polluting our environment as a byproduct of our insatiable consumption of electricity powered by traditional fossil fuel sources. Our national government in Washington has demonstrated consistently strong bipartisan support for efforts to dramatically increase the production of alternative energy.

"We will double the production of alternative energy in the next 3 years!"

Barack Obama - January 12, 2009

"...and each day brings further evidence that the ways we (currently) use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet."      

"We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories"

President Barack Obama - Inaugural Address - January 20, 2009

By actively communicating the benefits of this Solar Energy Tax Liberation & Residual Income Program with others, particularly if you are doing so as a 7 Figure Legacy Member, you are directly and measurably contributing to important change that will help strengthen our nation, and ultimately improve our planet. Click on the following link to access details about this powerful program for spreading the word: 7 Figure Legacy Membership. With the tremendous power behind network marketing ("Power of 2" or "Power of 3"), it is not only conceivable, but likely that a number of individuals will each make a significant contribution to these causes. One of those individuals could be YOU, and this could become YOUR LASTING LEGACY!

We truly appreciate all your dedicated efforts to help further these important causes.

Thank you!

April 27, 2010