RaPower3 Solar Energy Program Background and Greg Shepard Bio

RaPower-3 is focused on solar energy and technologies that can expand solar projects to 24/7 capabilities. We are only interested in larger scale commercial projects that can take advantage of generous federal tax incentives in the United States and its territories. Projects in other areas of the world, although, are continually being evaluated.

Greg Shepard, Chief Director of Operations, says, "RaPower3, at the present time, intends to use technologies patented by International Automated Systems, Inc. The arrangements made with IAS provide RaPower3 with a unique mechanism to offer a network marketing program that surpasses all others. We are proud of the fact that anyone who pays federal taxes can make money right from the start: no application fees, huge IRS tax incentives, residual income from energy produced, and generous commissions".

Dr. Shepard has had a passion for green energy for years and wants to help our country and the world breathe cleaner air and our nation to become energy independent. He had visited a variety of energy facilities before choosing IAS technologies. He has been a successful coach and businessman in Salt Lake City.

Coach Shepard has a Masters degree in exercise physiology from the U. of Oregon and a doctorate from BYU in the same field. He has been a strength coach at Oregon State, Univ. of Oregon, BYU and was with the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team from 1981-1997. In 1981, when beginning his stint with the Jazz, Coach Shepard was the only strength coach in the NBA. Greg has been the Utah Football Coach of the Year and coached the BYU Powerlifting Team to the 1973 National Championship. Bigger Faster Stronger, of which Dr. Shepard is the CEO and Founder (1977), is the most widely followed strength and conditioning program in the nation. He has given more than 500 all-day seminars and is the most widely published author in strength and conditioning. Greg Shepard publishes the Bigger Faster Stronger magazine that has a readership of 500,000 coaches and athletes. Recently, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Football League Strength and Conditioning Association.

Dr. Shepard's position as Chief Director of Operations for RaPower3 has kept him extremely busy, traveling primarily throughout the southwest and exploring expanding opportunities for the remarkable solar energy technology of IAS. Dr. Shepard is currently helping to oversee the construction of the IAS-based solar thermal power plant near Delta, UT, which is expected to be online, generating electricity, in early 2011.

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