Technology: The IAS Bladeless Turbine

Bladeless Turbine: an Amazing IAS Technological Breakthrough!

International Automated Systems, Inc. (IAS) has developed a new breakthrough bladeless turbine technology. It is a patented propulsion turbine, which some believe may revolutionize electrical power generation and low-cost hydrogen fuel production. IAS'S unique turbine has many advantages over traditional turbine designs. Rather than relying on turbine blades to spin the turbine cylinder, IAS's Propulsion Turbine is designed to turn the cylinder without blades.

Mirror-based Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) use a traditional steam cycle to turn a conventional, bladed steam turbine and generator. IAS's steam cycle does not require large expansion tanks to superheat the steam; it does not require water-cooled cooling towers to condense the steam; and it does not require the expensive and sophisticated monitoring devices for Balance of Plant due to the rugged durability of IAS's proprietary turbine.

The proprietary turbine is bladeless. This turbine can run on both high quality and low quality steam with a bi-phase flow capability. This bladeless propulsion turbine can run directly on super-heated, high-pressure water. The expansion or phase change (flashing) from water to steam happens right at the nozzle of the turbine.

In a conventional power plant, the water is boiled and flashed to steam in a large, high-pressure tank. The steam is sent through a series of super-heating stages. This type of system is very expensive to build and maintain, and further, a traditional turbine typically requires an 18-24 month lead time from order to delivery. IAS's turbine production lead time is a fraction of this.

IAS's system does not need an expensive boiler. Instead, their turbine uses smaller, high-pressure tubing. It is much safer, less expensive and easier to manage. This is a significant advantage over traditional systems required by conventional turbines. It also can be custom designed for smaller to medium size applications. This allows for staging power in and out and inexpensively segmenting a power plant into smaller sectors which improves issues of downtime while offering low-cost redundancy.

IAS's turbine has been independently tested and verified. Their turbine competes with and is comparable to the output and life cycle of current turbines, but their revolutionary bladeless turbine boasts many technological advantages over traditional turbine engines.

Clockwise from upper left:
A. IAS Turbine

B. Patented jet nozzle on IAS

C. Inner part of a 1 Megawatt
IAS turbine - remarkably
small for so much power
produced; IAS turbines can be
built in any size, creating an
ideal situation for building solar
energy plants on a modular

D. Outer shaft of IAS turbine -
there are only two moving parts
in the turbine. This dramatically
reduces maintenance and
replacement costs.

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April 1, 2010

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