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2. The Key to Unlocking the Achievement of Personal Milestones

3. Marketing Gems: Filling YOUR Sales Funnel & Unlocking the Vault to Residual Income

4. These Two Programs Combined Create an Unparalleled Opportunity 

5. Instructions for U.S. Clients with $0 Tax Liability and International Clients


1. The Sun Power Legacy Program:

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  As you'll soon discover below when you read section #3 on how to fill your sales funnel, there are ample opportunities for you to sponsor not just a few, but potentially dozens or even hundreds of RaPower3 members.   

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2. The Key to Unlocking the Achievement of Personal Milestones: Believe in Yourself!

As human beings, we all have an innate need for recognition and achievement in our lives. But, the down trodden in society have lost the desire and ability to achieve new milestones in their personal lives because they have lost the belief that they can do it. The simple act of believing we can achieve, and then stepping up and striving for something better, empowers us to accomplish feats that we may have never before dreamed possible.

For over 3,000 years, the greatest athletes throughout the world tried and failed to run the mile in under 4 minutes. Then on May 6, 1954, a man named Roger Bannister accomplished the feat in 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds! It had not been accomplished for over 3,000 years, but now someone had done it! Suddenly, athletes the world over believed it could be done, so they, too, started to achieve this milestone. In fact, since that historic day in 1954, it is reported that over 1000 people have accomplished what no single person could accomplish for the previous 3,000 years because after Roger Bannister did it, then everyone else also believed it could be done!

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Marketing Gems: Filling YOUR Sales Funnel & Unlocking the Vault to Lucrative Residual Income

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To achieve major success, you'll need to find prospects and establish initial contact with them, or get them into your sales funnel. To accomplish this, most internet marketing experts recommend utilizing multiple distribution channels. We support several proven distribution channels for our Legacy members.

Handing business cards to people you know or inviting a dozen friends and neighbors to your home for a sales presentation may succeed in generating several sales for you, but this is not the only approach we recommend.    

What Do the Top 1% of Internet Marketers Do Differently?

We realize how uncommon it is to earn 7 figures, or even six figures for that matter, with ANY business opportunity, particularly an internet-based opportunity.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of internet marketing "scams" and get-rich-quick schemes out there, promising you untold riches if you buy their e-book or their software or become a member of their company. You should be very skeptical of such offers. However, you also need to avoid the pauper's trap of putting blinders on and becoming cynically naive and hardened to all opportunities. Instead, you should try to maintain an open mind and adopt a wise rule that originates from a certain good book written a very long time ago, "You should judge them by their fruits".  We think that's pretty good advice for anyone.  

Living the golden rule of marketing will unlock the vault to lucrative residual income for you: 


If you're not ready and willing to embrace this golden rule of attraction marketing, to make it part of who you are, then you should adjust your expectations because your results will likely not live up to your most optimistic expectations.  


A. Exchanging Business Cards With Alpha Leaders You Meet 

You'll want to always have on hand plenty of business cards to exchange with potential alpha leaders you meet. What are alpha leaders? These may include successful business people and professionals looking for a good opportunity to supplement their high income or possibly eventually replace it and, as a result, enjoy much more personal time to spend with their family and friends.  You can meet these people at chamber of commerce meetings, business conventions, seminars, MLM meetings and conventions, airports, or virtually anywhere. You'll want to meet face to face with local prospective leaders who come into your sales funnel. You'll need business cards to exchange with them when you have face to face meetings.  

Your customized business cards will be imprinted with your contact information and your sponsor ID as well as the 7 Figure Legacy program highlights (from your website home page) printed on the reverse. 8-panel marketing brochures profile highlights from the website and also include boxes for you to input your 7FLXXXX Sponsor ID. Visitors can either go to your website url printed on your business cards, or they can go to the main website where they'll be prompted with urgent messages advising them to enter the sponsor ID they were given. This will link them to you! If they return later using the same computer and browser, they should not be required to input this information again. Just click here to place your order for brochures and/or business cards: CLICK HERE TO ORDER 

Remember, when you become a 7 Figure Legacy member you will not be "selling" prospects on this opportunity, you'll simply be solving their needs by educating them!  

The most compelling marketing gem of all about selling:

When You Try To Sell Something, It's Your Decision Being Forced On Them.

When Someone Wants To Buy Something From You, IT'S THEIR DECISION!

Selling isn't about twisting someone's arm to buy something against their will or against their better judgment. Selling is all about educating, handling objections upfront, answering what if's, providing relevant, useful background information, motivating and inspiring and positioning the prospective buyer to understand how your product or service will remove a source of pain or add some perceived value. It's putting the buyer in the driver's seat so they can make a thoughtful, informed decision. It's positioning the buyer so they're ASKING TO BUY your product or service, and they're thanking you for giving them the opportunity to buy it!

This is the essence of what selling is all about. And these are the functions that are performed automatically for you by your replicated website. This is the art and the science of selling, all performed automatically for you, on autopilot! This is why we say that you won't have to do any of the selling because the website performs most of the selling functions for you automatically, on autopilot. 

Does this mean that you won't have any human interaction or develop any relationships with your prospective buyers? Could you earn a modest residual income by simply driving prospects to your website through autodialers, autoresponders, pay-per-click campaigns, Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn, professional and marketing blogs, and Twitter, while not talking to a single prospect?  Possibly.

But the operative word above is "MODEST". But could you build infinitely greater income AND enjoy rewarding personal fulfillment if you develop relationships with your prospects and clients, show a genuine personal interest in their situations, differentiate yourself in ways that are very personal to you AND valuable to your prospects and members, determine what their needs are and where their pain is, and search for ways to serve them and bless ther lives?  YES! YES! YES! Now, you're beginning to see the BIG picture in all of this! 

B. Internal Email Campaigns to YOUR Personal Prospect List.

Soon after activation of your 7 Figure Legacy membership you'll have access to our exclusive,  email drip or autoresponder campaign. This campaign consists of a professionally designed email page, customized with a direct link to YOUR website, a distribution frequency schedule, and the appropriate subject lines to use for each distribution.

Ineffective email campaigns often use the same subject lines, their subjects are not very compelling, they're just like every other "junk" email, they stop sending emails after 3 or 4 unsuccessful attempts, or their content is too wordy and not interesting.

Your email campaigns will be compelling. You can target these campaigns to your personal email contacts and to all the email addresses you obtain by distributing your business cards and marketing brochures. The autoresponder will be activated for your website visitors who do not initially take action. With some individuals, frequent, regular reminders are needed to prompt them to eventually take action. For one thing, people's personal situations change over time. Perhaps 2 to 3 months ago was not the right time, but now they're ready to take action.

C. Marketing to Your Opt in Prospects

Some prospects are infinitely more qualified than others. Do you think a prospect is more qualified if you've chased after them or if they've sought you out, seeking more information about your product or service? Clearly when they seek you out, they're more qualified. utilizes several powerful methods for attracting the best opt-in prospects. You, too, will attract such prospects to your replicated website, depending on what activities and methods you use to fill your sales funnel. These opt-in prospects are the very best prospects.
The key to this working for you is the value-added service you provide to differentiate yourself from everyone else in the marketplace who's competing for your prospect's time and attention.  In this case, it's the FREE educational webinars you can email to them.  We'll provide you value-packed webinars to educate your prospects about how to best implement the tax reduction strategies and how to generate multiple streams of residual income.   

To boost your conversion rates, we recommend that you personally call your opt-in website visitors. You'll need to know what to say when you call your opt-in prospects. Don't worry, we've already taken care of this little detail.  We've prepared an introductory educational video that you can email to all your prospects, and the following script can be used.  

Script for following up with opt-in prospects:

Hi, this is (insert your name). If you're paying taxes to the IRS in 2011, we have a FREE educational video that will show you how to legally stop paying taxes for the next 6 years and how to earn residual income on your tax dollars for decades to come. There's no other opportunity like this anywhere, and there's nothing better than a passive income opportunity where virtually all the risk is subsidized by the U.S. federal government. I can send you the free video today. It explains everything. What email address should I send it to? Take their email address and ask them when would be a good time to call them back to see what they thought about the video. When you call back, be prepared to answer their questions and to direct them to your website while you're on the phone with them. Stay on the phone while they listen to the videos. Be sure to get a commitment from them to allow you to call back again to follow up, and determine what would be a good date and time of day for your follow up.    

D. Targeted Telemarketing Leads - MLM Distributors and Home Retail Business Owners

As part of your membership in the 7 Figure Legacy program, we'll make available to you targeted phone numbers for you to call, but these are not just any phone numbers! These are phone numbers of people who own and operate MLM businesses and home retail businesses. These are the very best  prospects you could telemarket to! 

Why? First, because they've already established a business.  Next, they already have a built-in client database that they could refer this opportunity to, and their clients will listen to them because the business owner has already established a relationship with them.   

Some of these business owners are network marketers and they'll have an established network of potentially hundreds of distributors. Do you think some of them will see this ground floor opportunity as so compelling that they might consider converting their existing distributor network to the 7 Figure Legacy program? Should you be the member who called them, just think about the potential revenue windfall this could create for you!

The national do not call registry requirements and fees do not apply to these phone numbers because they're business numbers. The do not call registry and the federal laws associated with it only apply to telemarketers calling residential phone numbers.

These targeted phone leads are priced at only $29.95 for 40 leads. You'll receive a 20% discount if you purchase more than one set of 40 leads in any given month. For example, 80 leads are $47.92, 120 leads are $71.88, 160 leads are $95.84 and 200 leads are $119.80. Maximum purchase of 200 leads per member per month, please.   By the way, for every 5 Legacy members you sponsor, we'll give you 100 FREE leads!  If you'd prefer not to pay for any leads, we would recommend you visit the voice broadcasting link above where you'll have access to over 10,000,000 business phone numbers as part of their package. Just keep in mind that our leads are much more highly targeted than the free leads you'll get from them.    

To purchase targeted business phone leads, please click here: CLICK HERE TO ORDER

We recommend using a script similar to the one outlined above when you reach a business owner on the phone.  For those situations where you get voicemail, we recommend something similar to the following message:

Hi, my name is __________. I was calling about  __________  (name of their business). Please call me at ____________.

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4. The Solar Energy Program AND Legacy Membership Together Represent an Unparalleled Opportunity!

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Just consider a few simple facts:

1. The stock market, real estate, and business ownership were the three primary pillars of wealth creation in the 20th century. Experts agree that ownership of successful internet-based businesses will be a primary pillar of wealth creation in the 21st century because internet usage and internet-based sales are growing at a sizzling pace worldwide, with the benefits of instant worldwide market combined with dramatically lower fixed operating costs compared to traditional brick and mortar stores! Just consider the following facts about the internet:

  • The internet has 1.7 billion people online;
  • U.S. buyers purchased over the internet $10.2 billion in one month, November, 2008;
  • U.S. advertisers spent $6.4 billion for online advertising in 2008;
  • 9.1 billion Google searches in October, 2009! 

Many market experts believe real estate and the stock market may not reprise their roles as primary pillars of wealth creation for quite some time, with many predicting much lower than normal, and more volatile, returns for the stock market, commodities markets, and the real estate market over the short-term (3 to 5 years). Based on this information, YOU NOW KNOW that prudent diversification of YOUR wealth building strategy over the next 3 to 5+ years MUST INCLUDE ownership of one or more powerful internet-based businesses!

2. Top business experts the world over agree that the most successful and lucrative types of businesses to establish are ones which accomplish one or more of three primary objectives: 1) SAVE PEOPLE MONEY; 2) HELP PEOPLE MAKE MORE MONEY, or 3) REDUCE a SOURCE of PAIN/STRESS or SOLVE an IMPORTANT UNMET NEED.

There's no doubt that taxes are a major source of pain and stress in America, and by educating people and giving them the tools to dramatically reduce or eliminate their tax burden, we are helping them SAVE MONEY and REDUCE PAIN & STRESS.

Another source of pain and stress in America is the widespread, habitual over-spending and over-leveraging relative to personal income levels. One only needs to look at the record high levels of consumer debt coupled with record low levels of personal savings to know how common this source of pain and stress is! It is well known that financial stress is the number one cause of divorce in America, and it is the leading contributor of marital and family discord in our society.

As we help people generate multiple streams of residual income for the next several decades, we're directly helping them MAKE MORE MONEY and REDUCE PAIN & STRESS. Other sources of pain and stress for our country, in general, are the rising costs of fuel and energy, the dependence of our nation on foreign oil and fossil fuels, the declining condition of our environment (just consider the catastrophic Gulf oil spill in the spring/summer of 2010), and our diminishing natural water resources, particularly in the southwest.

As you go to the Technology link and review the extensive landmark breakthroughs of the technology behind this program, you'll begin to see the big picture of how this program and this technology would indeed measurably help our nation and our environment.

3. Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, in a motivational speech given to over 15,000 at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City on June 9, 2010, said the three key areas America needs to focus on now are: 1) The "Economics of Wealth Creation", which Gen. Powell calls, "the most powerful force on earth". 2) Alternative Energy - "We need to expand alternative sources of energy: nuclear, solar, and wind." 3) The Environment - "We must cleanup and protect our environment". It is not surprising that one of America's most knowledgeable and respected leaders recognizes America's need for innovative solutions to the identical problems that offers brilliant, innovative solutions for!

This opportunity is simply as HOT as it gets! REDUCING THE FEDERAL TAX BURDEN, CREATING WEALTH THROUGH MULTIPLE RESIDUAL STREAMS OF INCOME, EXPANDING RENEWABLE ENERGY, REDUCING OUR NATION''S DEPENDENCE ON OIL, PROMOTING A CLEANER, HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT, AND REDUCING PERVASIVE SOURCES OF PAIN AND STRESS IN OUR SOCIETY! We challenge anyone to find a better single solution to accomplish all of the above than the Solar Energy Tax Liberation & Residual Income Program combined with our 7 Figure Legacy Membership!

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5. Instructions for U.S. Clients with $0 Tax Liability & International Clients

If you currently pay no federal income taxes, particularly if this is due to low income, then we recommend you purchase just one alternate energy system and then promptly activate your 7 Figure Legacy Membership. You'll have the opportunity to build the same level of extreme wealth as an individual who purchases 50 to 100 systems every year because you can earn as much or greater commission income as anyone else. If you're concerned about not getting your $1,050 (or $1,200 if paid monthly) back soon, rest assured that your active efforts in driving traffic to your website could generate substantial income for you, so it shouldn't be too long before you'll be paying higher federal income taxes. You can use the 30% tax credit and depreciation deduction tax savings up to 20 years in the future, or 1 year in the past, so you can use these dramatic tax savings whenever you need them most.  

Please note: Purchasing solar units is available only for U.S. tax payers. RaPower3 has not yet opened the program to any countries outside the U.S. Therefore, the Legacy Program is only available within the U.S. However, international affiliates are welcome, subject to international laws and regulations.  If you live outside the U.S. you can participate as an affiliate and earn 10% affiliate referral fees.

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6. Solar Program Enrollment & Legacy Membership Activation Center:

ENROLL NOW in the Solar Energy Tax Liberation & Residual Income Program (to purchase your alternate energy systems or solar units) by clicking the ENROLL NOW for Tax Liberation & Residual Income yellow link just below the photo:

ENROLL NOW for Tax Liberation & Residual Income

Note: If you click on the above link, be sure to have your personal sponsor ID handy (as this will be your RaPower3 Username). This number is 7FLXXXX, where "XXXX" represents the 4 unique numbers that were assigned to you when you clicked in the BLUE box at the top of the Enrollment Page. If you have not already obtained this ID number, please click here on the Enrollment Page Link and then click where indicated in the BLUE box at the top of the page: ENROLLMENT PAGE LINK to Obtain ID.

And once you've completed your enrollment in the Solar Energy Tax Liberation & Residual Income Program by purchasing one or more alternate energy systems, you are NOW also ready to activate your 7 Figure Legacy or affiliate membership by clicking here: